Fowey Fringe Festival 2008 : 15th-18th May 2008

We're in!

The first Fowey Fringe in 2007 kicked off so well, it inspired us to run another in 2008.

The difference between the first and second years is that we are now being approached by performers keen to be part of the unique atmosphere that was created last year. We have received several CD’s from musicians wanting to strut their stuff in Fowey, and the feedback from 2007 was fantastic.

The formula for 2008 remains the same – everything is free!! The performers are not paid, mainly because we have no money to pay them, but even more importantly, they perform for the sheer love of doing so to a live audience. Of course they are free to collect from an appreciative audience, so the deal between performer and audience is not spoiled by having to buy tickets!

What this means of course is that we cannot guarantee any particular performance. We have also been able to attract a small amount of sponsorship from the people you see down the right-hand side of this site (May, Whetter & Grose, The Fowey Hotel, The Ship, The Galleon, The Safe Harbour and The King of Prussia) allowing us to pay some expenses of performers, some of whom travel many miles to be with us.

Also a huge "thank you" to the venues for being a part of this! It's going to be a whole lot of fun.

Many thanks to all this years sponsors: May, Whetter & Grose, Hobgoblin Music, The Fowey Hotel, The King of Prussia and The Ship Inn

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Pictures and videos appearing as it happens... watch this space!