Fowey Fringe Festival 2008 : 15th-18th May 2008

2008 Fowey Fringe Festival Official Programme

We have done our best to map out the programme but please accept that it is subject to change. None of the organisers are paid, this is a festival that we want to enjoy along with everyone else, so we do the best we can to be precise, but we might not be 100% accurate!

Our entire desire is to be part of something that has its own momentum and life, so that we do not plan to control it more than we absolutely have to. The performances listed below are almost guaranteed to happen, but we would not want to be held responsible if things work out slightly differently!

Thursday 15th May, 2008

Friday 16th May, 2008

Saturday 17th May, 2008

Sunday 18th May, 2008

Allow us to introduce a few of the acts that you could catch at the Fowey Fringe this year:

Sarah McQuaid

is a singer, guitarist and songwriter. She was born in Madrid, raised in Chicago and lived in Ireland from the mid-nineties until her recent move to Cornwall. Her warm velvet-tinged voice and distinctive guitar style have drawn much praise With her perceptive interpretation of traditional Irish Music and Old-time American Songs, her show is not to be missed. Sparkling guitar instrumentals and velvet-tinged vocals, described by The Rough Guide To Irish Music as 'warm as a turf fire and as rich as matured cognac ... an astonishing debut by a unique talent.'

There is also a rumour that Sarah will be joined at some part of the evening by Zoe, who had a hit in the early 90’s with ‘Sunshine on a Rainy Day’. She and Sarah are working on a new CD. Keep your fingers crossed that she makes it to Fowey.

Will Coleman's Film Shorts

Will has a fine reputation for working with the spoken word and film media. This event will showcase some exciting short films he has made in Cornwall, and will give Will an opportunity to explain his plans for making a modern-day version of a Du Maurier classic, which will be filmed during the 2008 regatta week in Fowey, 17th to 23rd August.In Will's words "Cap'n's Blog by Will Coleman on 15 May 2008 Well, this evening is our first public event; showing the programme of 'Cornish Shorts' at the Gallants Sailing Club, Fowey. There seems to be a fair buzz about the place and I reckon we'll get a reasonable turn out of interested bods. My only worry now is whether the films are a) good enough and b) relevant to the project! I'm now feeling like we should have an evening of 'representations-of-Cornish-people-through-film -history'; rebecca, poldark, straw dogs, wild west, dr martin, echo beach etc... Still, here goes...!

Choughed to Bits & Kickin’ Chicken

This band started the Fringe Festival off in 2007 in fine style, and return to the same venue with Kickin’ Chicken to delight their audience. Traditional folk music and accompanying dance makes for a wonderful occasion.

All Folked Up

Jack Bolitho and his band turned up last year and took the Fringe by storm. Highly talented and with a passion for their music, they even played on the ferry across to Polruan! They enjoyed themselves so much in 2007 they stayed for the entire 4 days.

Mischievious Undergarments

– an extremely talented local band which plays alot of original music. Not for the very young or sensitive people! You will be amazed at their technical ability.

The Tribute Band

– this tribute band is very different to other tribute bands: this band will drink any beer! Formed by a self-confessed group of ageing rockers, they have immense natural talent, and the more tribute they have inside them, the better they get!

Rocket Dog

This band has been booked by the Town Council as part of the Du Maurier Festival. Very popular with the youth of the area for some years.


is a band playing a range of songs in the Cornish Language (Kernewek). Their repertoire mainly consists of self-penned songs, but they also play well known songs from other artists, translated into the Celtic tongue of Cornwall. Among these are some Beatles songs. It was these that brought them worldwide TV, radio and press coverage in October 2006. This should be fun!

Cornish Marching Band, Crowders and Drumbasamba

These bands share one thing in common: a love for live processional music. Friday night will be alive with wonderful music drummed up by these three bands – one will start at Squires Field, one at Caffa Mill and the third at Polruan. They will march and meet at Town Quay at about 7.30, then march to Gallants for more fun. Don’t miss this spectacle.

Brian Stevens

– performed in the King of Prussia in 2007 and was a big hit. With a great singing voice and clever instrumental work, he had his audience totally involved from the start. He also encouraged other performers to join him from the audience, providing a platform for those who had never played in public previously. Some magical moments happened last year... hopefully you'll see something amazing too!

Stryke Supers

– another highly talented local band with a strong following. They have played in many local venues, and are sure to attract a large audience.


(Cornish for elm-tree) is the love-child of "The Original Wednesday Soup Sessions" and "A Cocky Magpie". They have been together since August 2006, and have just released their first CD. They play a mixture of approachable English and Cornish folk accompanied by guitars, fiddles and flutes.

Ragged Trousered Philanthropists

A very unusual sound is conjured up by this talented band. Julian on vocals, accordion, violin, balalaika, cello, banjo, washboard, piano, drums, harmonicas, concertina, guitars; Tom ('Zapoppin', Da Vinci Dress Code) on upright bass, vocals, tuba, banjo, cello; Dan (Life with Pye) on guitars, vocals, ukulele, kazoo; occasionally Kester (Jones) on mandolin, guitars, clarinet, vocals, banjo, piano, organ; even less occasionally Andy on the trombone.

Adrian & Robin

– a father and son act. They played for us last year and were very highly rated. Incredibly close harmonies, beautiful guitar playing and a sense of fun prevail when Adrian and his dad get together. Try not to miss this one.


which is Cornish for the love of music and song, has been in existence for a number of years and with the present line up for the last three and a half [2006]. They play Cornish and other Celtic music and some of their songs are sung in Cornish, others in Sawsnek [English]. Much of what they do is from the traditional repertoire and the remainder they write or arrange themselves. They also enjoy performing the work of other Cornish composers.

Lost in Space

Initially formed from an unlikely union of brass players, grunge guitar and folk singers, their aim has always been to develop and perform their own songs, sound and style. They have now expanded into an 8-piece and developed a sound that is very much their own, sitting somewhere between ska, latin, indie and blues. Their motivation is local live performance, getting people off their iPods and onto their feet! Most of their songs are their own, although you may spot the odd ‘treatment’.

Kim Guy

says of herself: ‘I've been wrestling with guitars since I was 10, when I used to record my efforts on an old portable tape recorder so that I could then harmonise with myself... a year later I discovered the joy of reverb in the stairwell of our old block of flats in Jo'burg. It's only taken a brief hiatus of 20-something years for me to pick my guitar back up and marry the two when I was given my multi-track. Although it's not sophisticated enough to boost the bass or twiddle the treble, it does allow me to harmonise with myself, add a bit of reverb and send it to the PC to convert to MP3... so a slightly more 'hi-tech' version of the tape recorder and singing in that stairwell!’

Gumbo Flyers

Back again by popular demand! Local Cajun-Zydeco aces with their infectious rhythms, manic washboards and soaring accordions! The Town Quay will be packed for this one. The last event organisedby the Town Council as part of their contribution towards the Du Maurier Festival, a traditional curtain closer.


Combining 2 of Cornwall's most talented & experienced young musicians, offer a unique blend of high energy fiddle playing & the enchanting sounds of the hammered dulcimer, brought to you from the heart of Cornwall. Leski pride themselves on their unique repertoire which encompasses their passion for Cornish music & tradition, with fresh new material, drawing on their own musical experience & influences. Their CD is available through the Leski website

AC Cobras

– another local band which always attracts a large following. Pip and his band are well known for the diversity and quality of their instrumental work. Get there early for this one!

Clive Blake

is a Performance Poet writing all his own material. The majority of his performance poems is humorous, intermingled with some more thought-provoking topics. Clive has performed in a wide range of venues and always has the audience wanting more of his infectious poetry. His style has been likened to that of Pam Ayres.

Janet & Laurel Eathorne

This couple was one of the star performances last year. Laurel and Janet sing traditional numbers with a huge amount of feeling. They always entertain their audiences with their wonderful close harmonies. For a couple in the later years, they have a huge amount of energy. If you like watching a couple who sing as one, you will love Janet & Laurel. You will probably have heard Janet on Radio Cornwall.

Howling Coyote

Visitors to the Fringe last year will have seen Howling Coyote touring the various venues playing his music to whoever was there. This year he will be based at the Red Herring, but will probably do some random visits around other venues too. Keep an eye out!


There is a strong possibility that buskers will appear on the streets of Fowey. As with all other performances, none ofthem are paid. If you enjoy what you see, do reward them, if not, don’t! It is survival of the fittest!

Want to play at the 2008 Fowey Fringe Festival?

Last year we had loads of folks turning up with instruments wondering if they could play a few songs or join in with someone else, and we expect the same this year!

Come into Fowey, track us down at one of the venues or just ask one of the performers if you could join in - the Fringe is all about a spirit of spontaneous collaboration, music and fun.

Many thanks to all this years sponsors: May, Whetter & Grose, Hobgoblin Music, The Fowey Hotel, The King of Prussia and The Ship Inn

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