Fowey Fringe Festival : May 16th-19th 2007

We're in!

The response from the business community in Fowey has been amazing, with a huge number of pubs, cafes and hotels offering themselves as Fowey Fringe Festival venues as soon as they heard about the idea.

Below is a list of the Fowey venues that invited musicians in in 2007:

A big Thank You! to all of these great establishments in Fowey and Polruan!

Sign up for 2008

If you would like to be a venue for the second Fowey Fringe Festival in 2008, please email Alan or call on 01726 832155 or 07974 763671.

This is an expression of interest, and isn't binding. We will talk to you and try to make sure that the performers coming to you are appropriate for your venue.

Why would you want to become a Fowey Fringe Festival Venue?

Fantastic live entertainment right there in front of you! And who doesn't want more customers?

Imagine the excitement of not knowing exactly what is going to happen - it might be just one person with a guitar, who then gets joined by a singer, or maybe someone playing harmonica. Maybe your customers would like to sing along, or even dance!

The feedback from venues in 2007 was very positive - if you weren't a venue in 2007 you surely will want to be in 2008!

Fringe H.Q.

We may not know right now exactly what is going to happen at each venue on the night, but you can find us throughout the festival at The Galleon on the Town Quay in Fowey, and we might have some idea!

The Galleon have kindly agreed to be the Offical Fowey Fringe Festival H.Q. for the 4 days, and one of us should be able to tell you what's going on. Look for us in our snazzy Fringe t-shirts. Alternatively, call Alan 07974 763671

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