Fowey Fringe Festival : May 16th-19th 2007

2007 - It's all over....

Let us have your comments about this inaugural festival whilst they are still fresh in your minds. Post your comments to Alan! Photos and videos welcome too.

Saturday night was simply fantastic. The organisers would like to thank all those who made the event such a success. The host venues for allowing such a wide variety of performers into their establishments, often having no idea who was coming, or what they planned to do. To the performers for giving so freely of their time and expertise, and to those watching for giving the encouragement to those performing. Thanks to Chris and Martyn for website design and photography. These two guys certainly know how to construct a fantastic website. You can contact them by clicking on their logos on the right.

One of the most satisfying aspects of this event was to see so many first-time performers, playing in public for the very first time. To see these people come alive in front of an audience was really wonderful. We certainly have the makings of an annual event. Keep looking at this site for plans for next year. Your comments would be really appreciated. We have just a few tee shirts still available at £10

Once again, thanks to everyone involved - we look forward to seeing you all again next year! - Alan

Previous reports....

Final Day - Lunchtime

Lunchtime at The Galleon was buzzing with the mellow sounds of Caracana. Tonight promises to be a fantastic finale to an amazing 4 days of live music. The scheule has been changed almost by the minute as new performers ring us to see if we can squeeze them in. The last night should be amazing. Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive. Next year we will do more of the same... Watch this space

Half way: the weekend starts here

Wednesday went well, and now we can tick Thursday off as another successful night in the first Fowey Fringe Festival!

Well known local band Mischievious Undergarments were joined in The King of Prussia by a host of musicians - creating an eclectic set which included a didgeridoo dual. "The best music I've ever heard in Fowey" was one comment, which is what we like to hear. The Galleon welcomed back The Folkups, keeping them fed and "watered" enough to provide another hand-clapping, foot-stomping evening of banjo-led folk... someone find these lads an after-party!

The Straff Dance band played their first slot of the Fringe at The Safe Harbour with some impressive finger-work producing a range of tunes from ragtime to blues and a splash of rock and roll - keep an eye out for them tomorrow - and harmonising duo Janet & Laurel sang in several locations with an intimate finale in the beautiful settings of The Old Quay House.

We'll be uploading photos from the event here every day, so keep an eye out for them on the right. Do you have any feedback on any performances you've seen? Let us know!


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We have been very fortunate to attract some sponsorship from local businesses, who are keen to see the Fringe work for Fowey, and their money has enabled us to print car stickers, fliers, and tee shirts. We would therefore like to thank:

Thanks to all of the above for helping us out in our first year. It is much appreciated!

The Story So Far...

What started as a chance discussion over a drink (or two) a couple of months ago has rapidly developed into the hottest discussion in town! (and further afield!)

A few of us felt that the beautiful riverside town of Fowey has all the right credentials to host its own music festival — plenty of hostelries, restaurants and sailing clubs, and a fantastic location. We discussed possible dates, and decided it would be best to run it alongside the already popular Du Maurier Festival, now in its 10th year. The Fringe Festival was born! We then set about enthusing the possible venues with our ideas, and received an resoundingly positive response, with a dozen performing spots already signed up! We're now filling up the slots with acts, and need to attract musicians and other performers to help create our festival - if you are interested please see the Performers page. The model we have chosen has proved immensely popular in Spain and Brittany, where performers wander from establishment to establishment, joining in with what is already happening there, or starting up themselves.

Our intention is to be a festival for performers, musicians and music lovers. We cannot pay fees (this year at least) but are hopeful that those of you who just love doing whatever it is you do will come and join us for the love of performing and joining in with a load of like-minded people to create something new.

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